The results achieved by the Y13 pupils of Lurgan College at Advanced Subsidiary Level were outstanding by any standard with many excellent collective and individual performances. The overall pass rate was a most pleasing 96% which sits around 6% above the national average. This is all the more creditable considering most pupils in the College studied 4 subjects to AS Level.

With over 60% of the 419 entries graded at A-B (compared to the NI Grammar School average of just 53.5%), this has been another remarkable year for Lurgan College at AS Level. Grades A-C accounted for over 81% of the total grades achieved (over 6% above the NI Grammar School average).

These most promising results constitute the first 40% of the pupils’ Advanced Level study and they will undoubtedly stand the pupils in good stead as they prepare for study at Advanced Level next year.

  • The College’s top performers at AS Level this year with 4 straight As in their subjects were Joel Davison (King’s Park PS), Gareth Dawson (Carrick PS), Lois Dundas (Moira PS), Adam Hilditch (Waringstown PS), Karolina Janus (Carrick PS), Sophie Kinkaid (King’s Park PS) and Julia McCleary (Ballinderry PS).
  • The students with 3 A grades were Nathan Armstrong (Donaghcloney PS), Hannah Gorman (Carrick PS), Samuel Hoy (Hardy Memorial PS), Peter Hutchinson (Waringstown PS), Timothy Millen (King’s Park PS), Michael Newton (Waringstown PS), Maja Ochojska (St Francis PS), Anna Phillippi (Waringstown PS), Ben Scott (Bunscoil Mhuire), Abigail Smyth (Moira PS), Hannah Trew (King’s Park PS) and Jordan Walker (King’s Park PS).
  • The following pupils achieved 2 grade As: Alex Burns (Drumgor PS), Emma Cardwell (Ballinderry PS), Chloe Edge (Carrick PS), Kirsty Fairley (Waringstown PS), Hannah Ferguson (Dickson PS), Chloe Gillis (King’s Park PS), Emma Hilditch (Waringstown PS), Nikkita Hynes (Millington PS), Ruby Madden (St Anthony’s PS), Ryan McClelland (Drumgor PS), Sophie McCullough (Poyntzpass PS), Anna McRoberts (Ballinderry PS), Sarah Patterson (Maralin PS), Kelsey Rankin (King’s Park PS), Jack Turkington (Waringstown PS) and Jon Woods (Waringstown PS).

  • ‘I wish to convey my most sincere congratulations to all of the pupils, their parents and their teachers on their excellent AS performances which augur extremely well for next year. I am no doubt that the pupils will build upon these pleasing successes as they prepare to face the challenge of rigorous academic study at Advanced Level in the coming academic year’.

    ‘It was a pleasure to welcome Mr Raymond Pollock, member of the Board of the Education Authority, to the College. Mr Pollock who is the Controlled Grammar Schools’ Representative on the Board, passed on the congratulations of the Education Authority to the Lurgan College pupils who have excelled in their A and AS Levels’.