The results achieved by the Y13 pupils of Lurgan College at Advanced Subsidiary Level were very pleasing with many excellent collective and individual performances. The overall pass rate was a most pleasing 95% which sits above the national average. This is all the more creditable considering that the majority of our pupils in the College studied 4 subjects to AS Level.

With around half of the 362 entries graded at A-B, this has been another very successful year for Lurgan College at AS Level. Grades A-C accounted for over 70% of the total grades achieved (which is in line the NI Grammar School average).

These promising results constitute the first 40% of the pupils’ Advanced Level study and they will undoubtedly stand the pupils in good stead as they prepare for study at Advanced Level next year.

  • The College’s top performers at AS Level this year with 4 straight As in their subjects were Andrew Combe (King’s Park PS), Hannah Dempsey (Edenderry PS) and Marlena Jagoda (St Francis’ PS).
  • The students with 3 A grades were Leah Gorman (Carrick PS), Philip McClenahan, Anna McNeill (Moira PS), Lauren Tolmie (King’s Park PS), Matthew Wells (King’s Park PS) and Megan Willis (Orchard County PS).
  • The following pupils achieved 2 grade As: Micah Carson (Carrick PS), Lewis Fryers (King’s Park PS), Ryan Holmes (King’s Park PS), Stuart Hoy (Edenderry PS), Courtney Martin (King’s Park PS), Jack McIvor (Bocombra PS) and Poppy Smith (Royal School Armagh Prep).

‘I wish to convey my most sincere congratulations to all of the pupils, their parents and their teachers on their encouraging AS performances which augur well for next year. I have no doubt that the pupils will seek to build upon these pleasing results as they prepare to meet the challenge of rigorous academic study at Advanced Level in the coming academic year’.