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critical thinking
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Lurgan College

Critical Thinking

Taught by Mr Hamill

We live in a world that bombards us not only with information, but also with opinion.  Tabloid newspapers scream their headlines at us, clamouring for our attention as the talk radio show gives voice to yet another rant, while the latest opinion poll is flashed up on screen on Sky New.

In the midst of all these perspectives being thrown at us, how can we sift past the opinions expressed?  How can we objectively analyse the information and arrive at our own considered opinions?

The AS Critical Thinking course is designed to help you do just this.  Critical Thinking is the study of reasoned argument.   Students learn how to analyse and develop arguments and consider the factors that compromise arguments.  You will examine a range of issues from a range of contexts - the sciences, arts and humanities, the social sciences – and be introduced to an analytical framework that will enable you to reflect more constructively on your own and others' reasoning.  The course encourages curiosity, inventiveness and imagination.

Who should study AS Critical Thinking?
The kind of student who will benefit from this course is the pupil who takes an interest in general events in the world in which we live and who enjoys healthy debate and interaction with others.  You will be happy about airing your views in front of your peers and adults, yet respectful of those with whom you disagree.  You will be good at self-motivation and organisation, and will have a high level of ability to manage your own time and work.

What will you gain from studying AS Critical Thinking?

The study of this course will enable you to develop your fair-mindedness, independence of thought, a healthy degree of scepticism, confidence in reasoning and intellectual courage.  The skills you pick up here will either reinforce the critically analytical skills you are using in your other subjects, or will sit alongside your other subjects and broaden your skills base.  As a result, you will build your confidence to prepare you well for the more intellectually challenging Higher Education courses as well as for life and future employment.  If you would like to know how universities view AS Critical Thinking in terms of university admissions, please speak to Mr Hamill.

How is Critical Thinking Taught?

AS Critical Thinking is taught as part of the Enrichment Programme.  This means that it is offered to both Y13 and Y14.  The Y13 would study it as a fifth AS and Y14 as an additional AS alongside their main A2 subjects.  It is taught using a blended approach i.e. a mixture of tutorials with Mr Hamill, a student to student study small groups and interacting with an online discussion forum.  You will have assignments to do each week outside of class time which will form the basis for class discussion.
If you are interested in this subject and would like to discuss it further, please feel free to speak to Mr Hamill during your Induction Day or early in the term.

Feel free to check out our Critical Thinking website at
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