A Broad and Balanced Curriculum

Lurgan College offers a wide learning programme, set within a strong academic context. The school easily satisfies all the requirements of the statutory Entitlement Framework and indeed exceeds the prescribed number of academic and vocational subjects both Key Stage 4 and post-16 level. High quality teaching, specialist facilities and state-of-the art technology contribute to effective learning in an enriching, well equipped and regulated environment.

The high quality of teaching and learning is reflected year on year in the excellent examination results achieved at GCSE, AS and A2 levels. Such results illustrate the impressive levels of subject knowledge and understanding acquired by our pupils. Importantly, however, there is also a clear focus on further developing the skills that form an integral part of the Key Stage 3 programme: skills in thinking, problem solving, working with others, managing information, self management, creativity and decision making all play a key role in preparing pupils for further study in Higher Education and beyond that into the world of work. The development of all-important independent learning skills also remains a key priority in the College as we seek to develop well rounded, life-long learners


The College continues to be an active member of Craigavon Area Learning Community which comprises a number of educational establishments across the borough. The school’s proactivity in innovative curricular development and outward-looking nature are evidenced by its meaningful involvement with a number of local schools and the Southern Regional College in collaborative arrangements across a range of subjects including Critical Thinking, Law and Engineering. Effective use is also made of our video-conferencing facilities to deliver cutting-edge distance learning courses.
Cross-community collaborative arrangements have resulted in closer bonds between the schools in our Area Learning Community, leading to significantly closer ties, evidenced by a recent cross-community trip to Italy involving 79 pupils from the College and St Michael’s Grammar School.