Mr Robinson, Headmaster of Lurgan College, was delighted at yet another set of very pleasing performances by his diligent Year 12 pupils in their GCSE examinations. With almost every pupil in the year group achieving the top grades of A*-C in at least 5 subjects, this is another remarkable year of academic success at the 14-19 selective grammar school. The 100% pass rate meant that, once again, not a single fail grade was recorded in any of the numerous subjects offered at GCSE level.

Carrying on the College Walk school’s proud tradition of academic excellence, 8 extremely gifted pupils managed to secure 11 A*/A grades each. Such is the academic ability of pupils who commit year on year to the very successful Dickson Plan system of education with its unique system of academic selection at age 14.



Mirroring the outstanding results at A Level and AS Level last week, the 2019 cohort of Year 12 pupils has produced some truly outstanding performances at GCSE level.

I congratulate our hard-working pupils, their highly dedicated teachers and their very supportive and, at times, long-suffering, parents on these pleasing examination performances. Once again I am keen that our colleagues in Lurgan Junior High School and in our local feeder primary schools feel that they can share in our pupils’ academic success. I thank all of those schools who every year furnish Lurgan College with able, mature and conscientious pupils of the highest academic calibre.


A more detailed examination of the grades secured by the 117 Year 12 pupils in their GCSE examinations reveals an extremely impressive set of results by any standards. Both the percentage of grades A* to B and the A*-C pass rate were well above the NI average. The encouraging number of A* grades this year is also very gratifying, given the overall drop in the number of A*s being awarded this year at national level.


8 extremely talented pupils managed to achieve an amazing 11 straight A*/A grades each. Worthy of particular mention, however, is former Donaghcloney PS pupil, Nathaniel Cunningham, who notched up a breath-taking 11 straight full-course A* grades! This is a phenomenal achievement by any standards on the part of this extremely able young people and one which will not be matched in many other grammar schools in the province.

    • The following pupils were awarded 11 straight A*/A grades: Amy Allen (Waringstown PS), Lois Armstrong (Donaghcloney PS), Chloe Barbour (Waringstown PS), Harriet Blair (Ballydown PS), Nathaniel Cunningham (Donaghcloney PS), Kelly-Ann Dawson (King’s Park PS), Peter Dundas (Moira PS) and Isabelle Urwin (Maralin PS).
    • The following pupils secured 10 straight A*/A grades: Harry Bird (Carrick PS), Andzhelina Hristeva (Purley Oaks PS), Oliver Millar (Waringstown PS) and Nahum Thompson (King’s Park PS).
    • Rachel Flavell (King’s Park PS), Peter McCullough (King’s Park PS) and Callum Small (King’s Park PS.) all recorded 9 A*/A grades.
      The following pupils achieved 8 A*/A grades: Sarah Armstrong (Donaghcloney PS), Leah Quaile (King’s Park PS), Ellie Taylor (King’s Park PS), Alex Wheelan (Bleary PS) and Callum Young (Waringstown PS).
    • Patryk Czamecki (King’s Park PS), Gabija Jocyte (Drumgor PS), Aidan O’Connor (Ashley Hill PS) and Aryanaz Soleimani-Noori (Carrick PS) all secured a commendable 7 A*/A grades.
    • The now annual late release of the results coming so near the start of the new term, coupled with the new system of grading at GCSE this year, has put considerable pressure on the system. The College staff have been extremely busy advising and guiding pupils as they make their all-important subject choices for next year with the majority returning to embark upon the study of four AS Levels in the Sixth Form of Lurgan College.
    • These results reflect, once again, the outstanding success of our deeply cherished Dickson Plan with its unique system of delayed academic transfer at age 14. This irrefutable evidence of the effectiveness of the popular Craigavon Two Tier System should surely inspire us all within the system in general and in the Lurgan community, in particular, to protect, consolidate and enhance our well tried and tested Dickson Plan in the coming years.



    Congratulations to Nathaniel Cunningham on gaining 11 A*s in his GCSES. What an achievement!