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Lurgan College

Geography Department

Head of Department: Mr Hamill

Mr Bell
Mr Uprichard
Mr Ross

Geography is all around us: from the Chinese earthquake, to the Asian Tsunami; from the challenge to ‘Make Poverty History’, to the threat of global warming; from immigration into Northern Ireland, to the risk of a global swine flu pandemic. The GCSE Geography course gives the pupils opportunities to increase their knowledge and understanding of many key aspects of life in this ever-changing, exciting and challenging 21st Century world. It helps the pupils to learn about and develop opinions on local issues as well as issues of global concern, equipping them to be better informed citizens of the world in which they live.

In addition to learning about the world, the pupils will be given an opportunity to use and develop a wide range of useful skills for life. These include:

  • Communication you will get opportunities to develop your skills of writing in prose; you will have an opportunity to investigate written resources and you will have the chance to talk and listen to others in a variety of settings including group work and role play. You will be able to work on your negotiating skills as you argue for your opinion on the issues we discuss during the course
  • Using mathematics – we get bombarded every day with facts and figures. In the Geography class, you will improve your skills at critically assessing data, spotting trends and patterns in tables, graphs and maps
  • Using ICT– you will get plenty of opportunities to use ICT creatively during your course. As well as things like Word, Powerpoint and Excel, we make wide ranging creative use of ICT. Write and record your own video on earthquakes; take virtual fieldtrips using Google Earth; produce your own dynamic ICT maps using the Geographic Information Systems we use at AS. We can only give you a flavour here of the many ICT skills you will be introduced to during your course.
  • Other skills - are incorporated too – given the up to date nature of Geography, you will be dealing with many contemporary issues, where you will get a chance to solve problems and make decisions, all in the context of working with others.

These wide and varied skills not only make the study of Geography interesting, but they will stand you in very good stead as you move on in both your education and the rest of your life.

Geography is about the real world, and so fieldwork plays an important role at both GCSE and A level. It provides you with a valuable and enjoyable opportunity to explore your local area and apply the theory learnt in the classroom to the real world around them. At AS, we get to spend the day at the beach, where we investigate plant succession on Portstewart Strand. At A2, we plan to explore the issue of urban pollution in Belfast, as well as having a tour of some of the Peace Walls as part of our study of Ethnic Diversity.

GCSE Geography is an exciting, varied, enjoyable and relevant course, which stands you in good stead both for future studies post GCSE, as well as life beyond school and university. Lurgan College Geography – it’s where it’s at!

For more information, check out our extensive web page at - there is even a page for parents there too to help you support your child through their studies in the College.




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