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Health and Social Care

Mrs. E. A. Knox

Health and Social care joins the list of subjects offered exclusively to sixth form students. This subject is valuable preparation for those interested in careers in the health sector, health education and promotion, counselling, social and community work, early years, child development and nursing among others. Students will undertake a three unit course leading to the AS Single Award in Year 13 and can continue on to complete a further three units in Year 14 leading to the full Advanced GCE Award.

AS Health and Social Care

Unit 1 : Promoting Positive Care
This unit gives students the opportunity to examine how legislation impacts on the rights and responsibilities of clients and carers. It focuses on how practices within one health, social care or early years setting promote the positive care of clients and how staff in the chosen setting apply the principles of the Care Value Base. Students will learn about : attitudes and prejudices, rights and responsibilities of service users and providers, the Care Value Base, facilitating access to services, safe working practices. Assessment involves a written report on chosen setting.

Unit 2 : Communication in Care Settings
This unit gives students the opportunity to learn and practise communication skills. They observe communication skills in a care setting and carry out two interactions.
Students will learn about : communication in health, social care and early years settings, types of communication, factors affecting the effectiveness of communication, barriers to communication , communication difficulties and strategies for overcoming these, evaluating communication skills, the importance of communication when working in teams. Assessment involves a written report based on observations in a care setting.

Unit 3 : Health and Well Being
This unit gives the students the opportunity to learn about health and well being and the factors which affect it. Students will learn about : concepts related to health and well being, factors affecting health and well being, health promotion and the approaches used, organisations which contribute to the promotion of health and well being, the importance of recognising and challenging negative attitudes and prejudices. Unit Three will be assessed by a two hour external examination set and marked by CCEA.

All units are equally weighted, Unit 1 and 2 are assessed internally and moderated by CCEA.

A2 Level

Students will study Unit 9 Providing Services which is a compulsory unit and two others selected by the centre. Assessment of Unit 9 is based on a 2 hour examination based on pre-release material which is made available 8 weeks prior to the exam. The two other units will be selected from :- Understanding Human Behaviour, Monitoring Body Systems, Holistic Therapies, Applied Research or Supporting the Family.








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