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College Walk
Co. Armagh
Northern Ireland
BT66 6JW

028 38 322083
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Careers Department
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Lurgan College

Department of Modern Languages

Head of Department: Mr Buttery

Mrs Buttery
Miss A. Brackenridge



Pupils taking French and / or Spanish will be entered for the new Modern Language specification offered by CCEA which consists of four units:

  1. Listening – 20%
  2. Speaking – 30%
  3. Reading – 20%
  4. Writing – 30%


Pupils will be assessed through a combination of written papers (for reading and listening) and controlled assessments (for speaking and writing).  The controlled assessments will take place at specific times over the two year period while the reading and listening examinations will be taken at the end of year 12.

In studying the course, it is hoped that pupils will derive enjoyment and benefit from language learning and gain linguistic knowledge, understanding and skills which are beneficial in a multilingual global society.  At the same time they will be able to develop an awareness and understanding of French / Spanish speaking communities and gain a basis for further study and practical use of the target language.


A Level

The Modern Languages Department offers French, German and Spanish at AS and A2 levels, examined by CCEA Examinations Board.  The course consists of four units (two taken each year) with AS as a stand-alone course or as a foundation for the A2 year.  The units are divided over the two years as follows:-

AS 1


  • Presentation
  • Conversation
A2 1


  • Discussion
  • Conversation
AS2 Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing (based on a stimulus text)
A22 Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing (based on a literary text)

All four skills will be taught through five Contexts for Learning

AS Contexts:       
1. Relationships
2. Health & Lifestyle
3. Young people and Society
A2 Contexts   
4. Local and Global Citizenship
5. Environmental Awareness

At A2 level one literary text will be chosen from the following:

Camus: L’Étranger
Gide:    La Symphonie Pastorale
Sartre: Les Mains Sales

Assessment for AS 1 and A2 1 (speaking component) will be carried by external visiting examiners.

AS candidates will be asked to submit a title and prepare a presentation for the speaking test in advance of the exam.  A2 candidates will be required to choose a topic for discussion from the list of societal themes specified by CCEA.  An outline of the issues to be discussed with the external examiners will be submitted to CCEA in advance.



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