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Lurgan College

Physical Education

Head of Department: Mr. B. Hanna

GCSE Physical Education

The GCSE Physical Education course combines elements of theory and practical performance and aims to provide opportunities for pupils to:
  • Be aware of and appreciate their own and others’ cultures in the area of physical education.
  • Be creative and develop decision-making skills to help them plan for performances and respond to changing situations.
  • Make informed decisions about further learning and career choices.
  • Improve their fitness levels and skills through a range of physical activities.
  • Improve their performance in different types of physical activity and roles such as player, participant, leader and official.
  • Develop their ability to take part independently and successfully in different types of physical activities; and
  • Develop and continue their involvement in physical activity as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.


UNIT 1         WRITTEN EXAM          40%
Pupils complete one written question paper lasting one hour thirty minutes.
The paper covers factors that affect the development of health and peak physical fitness.  It contains short answer and multi-part questions, all of which are compulsory.  Pupils are required to recall, explain and apply concepts and facts to demonstrate understanding of the subject content.

Key themes include:-
Concepts of health, physical fitness and skilled performance.
Lifestyle influences - diet, exercise, smoking, drugs, alcohol, rest.
Types of exercise and training methods.
Principles of training and fitness.
Monitoring and assessment of physical fitness and health.
Effects of exercise and training on the body.
Health and safety issues.

Exercise and training sessions and programmes
UNIT 2                 COURSEWORK PORTFOLIO            20%

Pupils should be able to identify and explain the factors which contribute to maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Key themes include:-
Identifying what constitutes a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
Conducting a lifestyle audit to produce a lifestyle profile.
Identifying relevant factors impacting on the lifestyle profile.
Creating an action plan to improve / maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
Implementing the action plan for 12 weeks and monitor and evaluate its effectiveness.

Use the findings from their action plan to prepare a secondary action plan.

Pupils must be able to analyse, evaluate, plan, implement and monitor actions to improve skilled performance in selected physical activities.  (10%)

Key areas to consider;
Analysis of their own and others performances
Solving problems and teaching / coaching others
Practising with others and identifying what is a skilled performance.
Pupils should also be able to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of individual performances in physical activities.   (30%)
Pupils are assessed in three different activities.  They must select these three activities from at least two separate categories shown below:
Athletics activities
Dance activities
Games activities

Gymnastics activities
Outdoor adventure activities
Specialist activities
Specialist activities, carried out outside school must be conducted under the supervision of the sport’s governing body.  Evidence using DVD or a written report must be available.
For one physical activity pupils may choose to be assessed on the quality of their performance as a leader or official.


Pupils taking this course must be committed to playing a major school sport


AS AND A2 PHYSICAL EDUCATIONThe AS and A2 in physical education seek to :

  1. Develop pupil knowledge, understanding, skills and application for physical education and sport.
  2. Offer flexibility in allowing pupils to participate in different roles and a wide choice of activities.
  3. Encourage pupils to develop a lifelong involvement in physical activity, leading to an active and healthy lifestyle.
 There are two units of study at AS level and two at A2 level.AS Level:
Unit 1     Unit 2   
Opportunities for and the effects of leading a healthy and active lifestyle
  Analysis and evaluation of physical activity as a performer/ leader/ official.
  • 3 key themes:
  • Applied exercise physiology
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Opportunities for participation
  • Assessment- 2 hour written examination
  •  (60% AS marks; 30% A2 marks)
  • Practical assessment with external moderation
  • (40% AS marks; 20% A2 marks)     
  • (minimum 2 roles)

A2 Level

Unit 3 Unit 4  
Optimising performance and evaluating contemporary issues within sport Optimising practical performance in a competitive situation
3 key themes  
  1. How exercise physiology can optimise performance
  2. How application of psychological knowledge can optimise performance
  3. Contemporary influences in sport and their impact on the performer


  • 2 hour written examination                
  • (30% of A Level)
  1. Pupils perform, analyse and evaluate their own performance, identify weaknesses and suggest causes and appropriate corrective measures. 
  2. Practical assessment with external moderation. 
    (20% of A-Level)


Pupils taking this course must be committed to playing a major school sport.


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