‘The happiness and well-being of our pupils will always be of paramount importance in Lurgan College’
T D Robinson, Headmaster

Advice for Pupils:

  • Don’t give out your mobile phone number
  • If you get texts which upset you, don’t reply
  • Keep a record and report texts to a trusted adult/network supplier
  • Don't pass rude or embarrassing images or texts on
  • Think before you send texts or images – once you send it you lose control
  • Don’t send messages when you are angry or upset
  • Respect other people’s privacy as well as your own
  • Don’t give out personal information online
  • If someone makes you feel uncomfortable online – report it
  • Do not make someone else feel uncomfortable online
  • Be aware of the legal consequences of your online activities
  • You are not anonymous online
  • You can be traced: what you say, what you upload, what you send, what you store
  • Not everyone is who they seem to be

If you are concerned about an online relationship, reporting the problem can make a huge difference. You can access help and support by:

  • Speaking to a trusted adult either inside or outside school.
  • Contacting ChildLine (0800 1111) 
  • Contacting There4me: www.there4me.com (the NSPCC’s website)
  • Reporting online to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) by using the Report Button which is embedded in some Internet sites. This is the same as reporting to the police so all reports will be taken very seriously. This may involve someone from CEOP contacting you or maybe even police officers visiting you – but this will always be done within a confidential environment.