School Council

We believe that our pupils have the potential to make a very valuable contribution to the school ethos and environment. The School Council enables us to listen to the views of our pupils. The Council is led by the senior prefects and consists of an elected representative from each House Group and also members of staff. Meetings are held at regular intervals throughout the year and provide a forum for pupils and staff to discuss issues of mutual interest or concern.

School Council Representatives (2020-2021)


  • Year 11: Representive-Jack Marks, Deputy-Zoe Rodgers
  • Year 12: Representive-Joel Cordner, Deputy- Sarah Johnston
  • Year 13: Representive-Katie Armstrong, Deputy- Lucas Mickevicius
  • Year 14: Representive-Peter Dundas, Deputy- Rachel Logan


  • Year 11: Representive-Bethany Williamson, Deputy- Cohen McCullough
  • Year 12: Representive-John Brown, Deputy-Rebekah Burnside
  • Year 13: Representive-Taylor Kerr, Deputy-Zohar Sohail
  • Year 14: Representive-Nahum Thompson


  • Year 11: Representive-Lucy Taggart, Deputy-Luke Taggart
  • Year 12: Representive-Holly Barbour, Deputy-Conan Lowry
  • Year 13: Representive-Ben Hampton, Deputy-Heather Archer
  • Year 14: Representive-Chloe Barbour


  • Year 11: Representive-Jake Agnew, Deputy-Collen Grzegorczyk
  • Year 12: Representive-Rebecca Wilson, Deputy-Ethan Todd
  • Year 13: Representive-Johnny Gough, Deputy- Chloe Hamilton
  • Year 14: Representive-Ben Johnston, Deputy-Amy Allen



Senior Prefects

  • Boulger: Callum Small
  • Cowan: Harriet Blair
  • Harper: Nathaniel Cunningham, Lydia McNeill
  • Kirkpatrick: