To complement the school’s Pastoral Care system, we offer pupils access to a free independent counselling service provided by Links. A trained counsellor is available in the school one morning a week to speak to pupils by appointment. Pupils can make an appointment in two ways: By completing a self-referral form and posting it in the box outside the school office. By speaking to any member of the teaching staff who will then arrange an appointment. Parents who feel that their child may benefit from seeking counselling support should contact Dr N. McKee. However, counselling is voluntary and the child retains the right to choose not to engage in the process. Although the service is independent and confidential the counsellor respects the ethos of the school and works within the school’s policies and child protection guidelines. It should be noted that absolute confidentiality cannot be guaranteed; the welfare of the pupil will, at all times, take precedence over confidentiality. The counsellor is obliged to report all incidents of suspected or actual abuse to the designated teacher for child protection. There is close liaison between the counsellor and the Pastoral Vice-Principal to ensure that the needs of the pupils are met in an appropriate and coherent manner.