‘The happiness and well-being of our pupils will always be of paramount importance in Lurgan College’
T D Robinson, Headmaster

Pastoral Contacts 2018 -2019

Vice Principal: Dr N McKee
Designated Teacher for Child Protection: Dr N McKee
Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection: Mr G Caldwell
Head of Careers: Mr G Caldwell / Mr R Uprichard
Learning Guidance Co-ordinator Mrs C McTernaghan
Attendance Officer: Mrs A Buttery
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator: Dr N McKee


Pastoral Teams.


  • Year 11: Mrs Abraham
  • Year 12: Mrs Barbour
  • Year 13: Mrs Wan
  • Year 14: Mr Ross


  • Year 11: Mrs Rowlinson
  • Year 12: Mr Buttery
  • Year 13: Mrs Jenks
  • Year 14: Mr Patterson


  • Year 11: Mrs Buttery
  • Year 12: Mrs Delport
  • Year 13: Mr Faith
  • Year 14: Mrs Duke/ Mrs Livingstone


  • Year 11: Miss Brackenridge
  • Year 12: Mr Finlay
  • Year 13: Mrs Beattie/Mr Scullion
  • Year 14: Mrs Hughes



Heads of Year

  • Year 11: Mr Caldwell
  • Year 12: Mr Lappin
  • Year 13: Mrs McTernaghan
  • Year 14: Mrs McDowell

General Guidelines

Matters concerning individual pupils will usually be dealt with by Heads of Year in the first instance. Heads of Year can normally be contacted by telephone from 8.50 am or by prior arrangement made through the Office.


Advance notice of absence Letter to Mr Robinson
Explanation of absence Letter to House Teacher
Review of pupil progress Contact Head of Year
Pastoral problem Contact Head of Year/House Teacher/Dr McKee
Subject-related matter Contact teacher/relevant Head Department
Subject change/timeable Contact Mr Bell
Careers Contact Mr Caldwell/Mr Uprichard
External Exams Contact Mr Ivine
Internal Exams Contact Mrs Delport